Mr Parkes, who was possibly a hard sleeper himself, replied with some disdain, ‘Not a bit on it ‘ and directed his eyes towards a handbill pasted over the chimney piece, which was decorated at the top with a woodcut representing a youth of tender years running away very fast, with a bundle over his shoulder at the end of a stick, and to carry out the idea a finger post and a milestone beside .Pasted definition, a mixture of flour and water, often with starch or the like, used for causing paper or other material to adhere to something. See more..Paste [noun] a dough that contains a considerable proportion of fat and is used for pastry crust or fancy rolls. a confection made by evaporating fruit with sugar or by flavoring a gelatin, starch, or gum arabic preparation. a smooth food product made by evaporation or grinding. a shaped dough such as spaghetti or ravioli prepared from .Pasted definition . past simple and past participle of paste . to stick something to something, especially with. Learn more..Paste [pst] a semisolid preparation containing one or more drug substances, for topical application. paste pst , A soft semisolid of firmer consistency than pap, but soft enough to flow slowly and not to retain its shape. Synonym s pasta [L. pasta] paste Chinese medicine A general term for a the.utic preparation consisting of herbs mixed with .Cow paste slang Butter. Do you want some cow paste to put on your bread? See also cow, paste cut and paste . verb In computing, to remove something so that it can be placed elsewhere such as text in a word processing document . I think you should cut and paste this section because it would fit better with the introduction of your paper. . noun An .Pasted is the state of consciousness when an individual is so stoned that they are literally unable to move, finding themselves pasted to the couch or their attention pasted to some form of entertainment like a movie, or a long series of Youtube videos..

Kami tidak menemukan hasil untuk pasted. Coba saran di bawah atau ketikkan pertanyaan baru di atas..